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Benefits to Journalist / Blogger

Benefits to Journalist / Blogger

  • SourceBottle suggests experts who can help. SourceBottle searches the Expert Profile directory and suggests relevant experts to help accelerate your search - BEFORE your call out is sent out.
  • SourceBottle is tailored to your needs. Get in touch with people who know what they’re talking about.
  • SourceBottle is free. Needs no explanation. You'll never have to pay to post a call out.
  • SourceBottle is efficient. You’re busy and on deadline. You don’t have time to sift through hundreds of emails to find a source. SourceBottle gets you the unique and interesting experts you need to write your story and get it published quickly, while also reducing the amount of off-target pitching and email spam.
  • SourceBottle gives you privacy. You, and the media outlet you work for, can remain anonymous if you want to. SourceBottle sends the responses through the site directly to you, without you ever having to disclose your email address on the site.
  • SourceBottle has a global reach. You can indicate geographic and category-specific preferences to receive the most relevant leads. And, if you need international sources, SourceBottle can circulate your call out to its global subscribers, or you can share it via social media for an even broader reach.

“ SourceBottle is fantastic for journalists and bloggers as it helps connect them with credible and impressive sources with little effort, creating a win-win for all concerned. I love the site, am a dedicated subscriber and have had some great results. I highly recommend SourceBottle!”

Melina Schamroth
m.a.d.woman Founder 

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To post a call out for sources, follow the prompts below and click ‘Post’. Your call out will be emailed to subscribers in the next mail out at 10am and 2pm (EST) each week day.

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Please note, we don't publish:

  1. Posts seeking articles of 350+ words, unless it's an occasional guest blogger/expert contribution request and you provide full attribution. (Full disclosure of website/publication is also required.)
  2. Posts seeking staff, consultants, participants for surveys, competitions or to attend events.
  3. Posts for university assignments or by student journalists.

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