Caroline Monet

Western Australia, happy to travel.
Accredited Massage therapist and Reiki practitioner.
Creator, Founder & Director Caroline's Skincare
20 years as photographic and catwalk model.

14 years in the Therapeutic Skincare industry.
Development of naturally derived Therapeutic skincare for skin conditions. Involved in all aspects of company operations including marketing, training, new product development and production.
Personal fitness: ice skating, rowing, jogging and try to train twice weekly. Reading, Food, friends and spending time with my beautiful teenage daughter Daisy.
‘Caroline’s Cream’, was originally made by Caroline in her kitchen while 'trying to find a solution to her own skin condition. Caroline's Cream,(which was named by a 3 year old girl), is today changing the lives of thousands of people.

When we’re talking about the fundamentals that represent the quality in someone’s life, we are talking about the simple things that most people can often take for granted, like being able to sleep, to socialise, work, play, smile and even walk without being itchy or in constant pain. There is also the social stigma that sufferers often endure because of the visible symptoms associated with skin conditions. This impacts on peoples self esteem an did debilitating within itself.

These are the effects that people plagued with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis must live with on a daily basis.

When Caroline achieved success form using her cream and started giving it to people to try, she began to realise just how effective it really was and also began to understand the prevalence of skin problems in society. She decided to use the only resource available to her at the time, which was in the form of $5000 on a credit card so she could make more of her cream so that others could reap the benefits. And the rest, so they say, is history.

From these very humble beginnings, Caroline has been listed her cream as a complementary medicine and has also achieved national distribution in pharmacy and health stores across Australia. Most recently the 'Priceline Pharmacy group' has undertaken to roll out Caroline's products to nearly 400 stores nationally as part of their core ranging in the Therapeutic skincare category in March this year.

There have been and continue to be numerous challenges along the way, indeed in an industry not for the faint hearted, an industry second only to aviation with its rigorous regulations. Many of these challenges have at times seemed insurmountable, but it is the constant flow of positive feedback from customers that helps Caroline maintain her focus and it is this feedback that continues to be her driving force to keep her products accessible to those in need.

Having felt the anxiety, anguish and limitations of living with a skin condition, Caroline understands the relief and happiness that finding a product to ease the condition can bring. Caroline’s driving force is to bring the same relief and joy to every single person that she possibly can.

*Caroline has just returned from Beijing, China where she has been offered an exclusive distribution agreement with a Chinese Agency. As a matter of interest there are around 240,000 pharmacies in China, with approximately 70 million Chinese suffering from some form of eczema. Not only are the statistics staggering in China, but globally as well.

**supportive data available including trials results, hundreds of testimonials and before and after photos, a database of customers happy to share their amazing stories, as well as signed statutory declarations and scientific documentation to further verify claims.
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